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Marketing & Privacy

We used a lot of different marketing tools (Google Tag Manager and Analytics, Facebook Pixel, ...) in the last decades. And yes, we integrated custom, flexible datalayers to collect customer information for marketing automation solutions in some projects and know how this works.

Is this the right way? We understand the benefit for businesses and respect that for business models. Personally we think, that privacy has a high level value and has to be protected. On the other hand it is important to collect and analyze data to get a good foundation for marketing and company wide decisions.

But do we have to collect personalized dat and send it to google and facebook? We believe there are smarter ways and better solutions to respect both: privacy for customers and a good data foundation for companies.

Did you hear about matomo? A privacy friendly web analyzing tool.

Furthermore we created a solution to determine KPIs for social media campaigns without sending any customer data to facebook or google. Interested in a custom solutions? Get in contact!