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For D-TACK we teamed up with rocket-media.

The main task was a migration from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2. There were various points to consider and challenges to overcome:

  • Existing product, category and customer data had to be transferred to the new system.

  • An individual price logic with different price groups, graduated and customer-specific prices.

  • Orders created via other channels must be imported into the shop and be available to the customer with delivery note and invoice in the account.

  • The Magento 2 frontend did not meet our standards. Thus we had to create a completely new template solution.

  • The standard checkout prozess of Magento 2 is hard to maintain. We decided to replace it with a custom solution.

  • After the migration project a lot of new features are planned. Thus a very stable system with tests is required to guarantee a short time to market for new features.

  • We need a stable release and deployment process.

In order to be able to implement the requirements at a high level of quality, all processes were reprogrammed and implemented on the basis of the current Magento 2 plugin architecture (in more than 20 different modules).

Custom Frontend & self written Checkout

The user interface of the webshop was completely redesigned and reprogrammed on the basis of specially developed (self-contained) modules (JS & CSS). The modular basis also offers a flexible and stable foundation for future developments. The standard Magento checkout was also replaced by a custom developed solution. In this way, the requirements for usability and technical stability could be optimally guaranteed. In addition, special attention was paid to compatibility with different devices - especially for mobile users.

Custom Prices

After a longer evaluation, we decided to implement a completely independent price logic. For this purpose, the prices of the articles are kept in an independent table
and various rules are used to determine the right price for the customer.

Stable Releases and a good deployment process

For good traceability and clear release management, we rely on a branching model based on GitFlow. This makes it possible to react quickly in case of errors. We need to know at all times which features are currently online.

A Magento 2 deployment has high requirements and is divided into different steps. We resolve these dependencies with the help of Deployer PHP and Jenkins. This way, we manage to bring a routine and stability into this complex process.

Software Tests

Tests are essential for a stable system. Thus, the project is constantly monitored with the help of acceptance, unit and integration tests.

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