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klotzaufklotz is one of our main projects. We are cooperating in many fields and we are fully responsible for alle the e-commerce processes, the communication strategy, photography, social media and content creation.

Content is Queen

We think expressive content is one of the most important success factors for companies. With this in mind Yasemin creates images, documentations and other product and company-wide content.

For good brand communication, it is important to guide the customer through the entire journey. For this we are responsible for some other digital and print products. For example a catalogue or different after sales brochures.

For a direct connection to the customers we develop and create various content for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Especially in the mail order business it is important to give customers an insight into his work and the people behind it.


We startet the project in 2011 with an os:commerce system and then migrated 2016 to Shopware. We have never regretted this step.

The user interface was new and self-developed from scratch, based on a very modular CSS and Js approach. For mobile first behaviour we integrated the Twitter Bootstrap grid system.

During all these years we have developed and integrated many custom plugins:

  • custom invoice payment method and risk management rules

  • custom frontpage with management interface for sliders and different areas

  • custom data on category and article

  • custom plugin for article questions

  • handling for orders with packstation as delivery address

  • sync for newsletter subscribers to mailtrain newsletter tool

  • messages based on geo location of the customer

In 2017 we were third in the award for the best furniture shop from the famous shop usability award.

A subshop for english speaking customers? Yes! You can have a look at


As we mentioned above we are responsible for communication and marketing strategy. Thus we develop concepts and implement them for a better customer approach: #besser1xrichtig.

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