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Shopware with custom subscription solution

For this project we teamed up with rocket-media.

The big challenge was the task to implement a custom subscription solution. Customers should be able to choose recurring orders with their shopping carts. To handle this we had to think about and handle different scenarios:

  • we have to manage the subscription process and let the customer choose the next delivery days.

  • the connection to the payment provider payone has to be handled different from regular orders.

  • we have to think about holidays and what has to happen on days with no shipping.

  • there must be automated processes to regenerate child orders for the subscriptions. These orders have to be checked for new prices and and general validity.

  • error management: what happens if the payment method is not valid anymore?

  • customize the checkout: different additional information has to be collected during the checkout prozess.

  • combination with vouchers: calculate the correct price.

For all these tasks we created a custom Shopware plugin, which is able to handle all the processes and brings its own surface to manage all the subscription topics.

For stability in such a complex system, we have used automated tests to ensure quality and composer to manage all the different dependencies.

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