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Shopware 6 migration for a cosmetic producer

For this project we teamed up with rocket-media.

The common goal was a migration of a Wordpress / Oxid shop to Shopware 6.

Frontend & Ci

One of the main tasks was to implement the frontend in line with the CI and UX concept. Our proven modular approach was used for this. This guarantees a high stability of the individual components.

  • Migrate customer data with a custom onboarding process.

  • Integrate interfaces with export and import processes for the ERP system.

  • Generate an outstanding pagespeed performance.

  • Automated deployments with Jenkins and PHP Deployer for Shopware 6.

  • Integrate a custom, modular and performant Shopware 6 theme.

  • Custom store finder based on the partners adresses.

  • Custom backend plugin for free articles.


An additional requirement was to integrate a partner portal. B2B customers can use this to download content provided for them. In order to migrate the accounts of the partners, an onboarding process was designed and implemented.

To further increase the performance of the shop, product images are automatically converted into the WebP image format.

For marketing purposes an custom backend plugin for free products was programmed. With this, the shop managers are able to generate free article campaigns, based on different criteria.

Another task was to integrate a search module for partner institutes. This allows customers to search for the closest spa based on their address.


A completely automated deployment for Shopware 6 was set up in the background. This guarantees a high level of system stability. In addition, core functions are permanently checked for quality with acceptance, unit and integration tests.


As a result, the newly created online shop has a pagespeed performance Score of 94%. To achieve such a value, you have to plan a clean, modular system architecture from the very beginning.

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